Friday, August 01, 2008

Changing Taste

I am probing the 3 essential needs – food, clothing, and shelter – to write a post about shifting taste.

To begin with, is there a variation amid basic needs (necessities) and luxury goods?
The justification may fluctuate. As exemplar, let’s take someone living in a sizzling province; say any country on the equator. There, a product like a space heater is more a luxury than necessity. The same applies in Mauritius, where a heater can be defined as comfort. Now, let’s experiment arctic sections. The same heater is requisite.

Difference between opulent and essential goods also transforms with time. In Mauritius, 50 years back, commodities like refrigerator, television, were luxury goods. People who have these possessions at home were the well-off. But now, these same goods are more a necessity. The same logic is valid to cellular phones some 20 years back, where only vanguards were using the tool. Now cellular incursion in Mauritius is relatively higher.

The first basic need is food. Yuh, I remember once a lecturer asked, “Do you eat to live, or live to eat?”
I replied, “Eat to live.”
Then the lecturer asked what will come about if we don’t eat. My reply was, “we’ll feel hungry, and the authorities concerned will have to agree with us, since we can go on a hunger strike, etc, etc,…. You see sir, eating is essential for survival, and at times no intake is also vital for survival,… .. .”

Yeps, let’s return to my post ‘Changing Taste’… Our flavor for food has been changing, for instance, the food that was habitually munched some 100 years back, is consumed very little now. Also, new recipes are overtaking previous ones.

Shelter is equally enduring alteration. House models, interior decorations are constantly changing. A house build recently may differ from houses of 150 years back.

What to say about outfits. Fashion changes rapidly. Consider the way superstar were dressed some 50 years back, and compare them with current trends. Personally, I don’t follow fashion; I am my own special creation.

Many thing are changing, the world have less green spaces, the universe is expanding.
People want changes, we don’t want to wear the same type of clothes all the time,,, yet when the climate is changing, we are fretful.

The form of the tap may be changed, but the water has not changed and it must not change. Oxygen must not change.

Changes have constantly been taking place, but what changes???
Despite changes, everything is the same. Quite puzzling huh!
Yeah, utility of basic needs is the same.

Our perception need to change to stop climate change.


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