Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What is new year?

My previous post was on birthday. This post is on New Year. Are they related??? Birthday can be termed as ‘New Age’!. I think that New Year is the birthday of year,,,,,but we don’t lit candle, instead we lit fire crackers. There’s no cake, instead there’s bbq. We are celebrating the birthday of year, but year is not to be seen, it’s not even virtual, then where is year??

Where is year manufactured?
A year takes 365.25 days to be processed. Year is comes forward on the 1st January and withdraws on the 31st of December. Its lifetime is only 365.25 days. This follows to say that the amount of time taken to generate a year equals its life span. If the same theory applied for human, there would have been no happy birthday.

Now, with globalization, technologies..,, everything is manufactured quicker than before. What if the supply of New Year Increases? We’ll have more than one New Year in 12 months…..which means more enjoyment!!?
I feel this has already taken place… there is additional glee than before, and sometimes the elation that we have on other days is somewhat advanced as matched up to to the one we have on New Year. That’s because changes are taking place at a very high pace…

What if one day New Year is postponed?
I’ll welcome New Month,,,,, New Week,,,,,, New Day,,,,,,, New Hour,,,,,,,, New Minute,,,,,,,,,, New Seconds..!!

Bye bye 2007_____Welcome 2008!:-)
People welcome New Year,
Every one has welcomed something in life,
Have you ever thought when death will welcome you????
When people will say bubye ahad and the graveyard will say welcome ahad!!!!

Who is welcoming whom??
Are we welcoming New Year or is New Year welcoming us??
When we say bye to 2007, where does it go? It goes behind us, we step in 2008, and 2009 lies ahead of us. Life can be compared to a road. In contrast to road where km/miles represent milestone, in life it’s year which represents milestone. The road is still, it’s we who move on it,, the same applies to life. On the road, we can move about by walking, bicycle, motorcycle, car, bus, etc…, but in life we move only by means of time which never stops, there’s no U-turn, no traffic jam,,,, it just moves!!!

Every year, there is a New Year.!.
Planet ahadoo wishes you Happy New Year!:-)


At 11:36 AM, Anonymous MBB said...

I wish you a happy new year. You have made an awesome post here. It's true that the new year is often over rated.

On some other note, I would like to know if you would like your blog to be reviewed by the Mauritius Blog Brethren? We are a community of Mauritian bloggers trying to promote other bloggers. Let us know about it.

At 6:10 AM, Blogger Ahad said...

#to mbb
yes sure!


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