Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy birthday!:-)

I reached 23 years of age today.. I was born on the 22 December 1984,, I really love this date, but I wish I was always a teen…. I can’t fathom if I ought to be cheerful or tetchy today,, on the whole, people have a good time on their anniversary,, but my philosophy is different,, I am not like all the people, I am what I am, I am Ahad… my intellect function in a very peculiar style,, at times I get baffled with myself…. Well, that’s why I started to blog.. I can converse what’s on my mind to the world….

Let’s return to my birthday, 7894 days in my life are over,, these time will on no account come for a second time…. Now, I have (death – 7894) days ahead of me to be in this world…. How will these imminent days be?? I only wish a first-rate health, and joy to live,,, nothing more…. That’s the only two things to which I hold grand magnitude in life…

What should I party?? My life span has been abridged by 7894days, should I celebrate this?? As someone grow up, he loses the innocence of a child,, should I rejoice this?? With each successive birthday, one has to muddle through more problems <>,,, should I celebrate this?? I am getting closer to the old age, which may connote little enjoyment due to bad health,,, should I celebrate this??

What is there to have fun on one’s birthday???
Consider this: Traditionally a birthday is celebrated like this by blowing off the lighting candle, cutting the cake, champagne,… etc
One definition of ‘light’ from the Concise Oxford Dictionary – 10th edition,,, is
“become animated with liveliness or joy”
When one is blowing the light of the candle, does it mean that he is blowing the joy too??? As regards to ‘cake’, one definition is “the amount of money or assets regarded as available for sharing”…..
Does cutting the cake mean cutting the amount of life (asset) available for sharing????


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