Thursday, October 26, 2006

Eid Mubarak

As the crescent moon lights up the night sky, it turns into the Eid Sky... Eid ul-Fitr has arrived in all its splendor. It is a time to rejoice and join hands in celebrating the many blessings of life, as this is a festival which bonds and brings people together... and the most often heard greeting exchanged on this joyous occasion is Eid Mubarak!
Arabic - Eid mubarak
Urdu - Eid saeed or Eid Mubarak
Southeast Asia - Selamat Hari Raya or Salam Aidilfitri
Indonesia and Malaysia - Maaf zahir dan batin

Hello friends……Wassssssssup??

Let me tale you how I fêted Eid.
Eid marks the end of Ramadhaan.
Early that morning, I accomplished the salaat-ul-eid. Homecoming, I was brought into being that the spot was to all intents and purposes brimming with kindred and friends. We were nodding one another in the midst of “Eid Mubarak”. They were offered “Vermicel - a saccharine doled out to guest on this calendar day.

Following that, my sister and I raised our line of pop in. By the tick we were back home, it was by now time to lunch.

No need to ask over what was set in the kitchen. As archetypal, mom prepared “Biryani – An Arab victuals”. We had to wait till we were coupled by other kith and kin to lunch. Hhmm, miam-myam, it’s really yummy, full of flavour, scrumptious!! I am having lunch subsequent to one complete month and we are mouth-watering to the dish, that’s why we’ve wolfed more than much.

I’ve gobbled oodles of sugary, chocolates, ice-cream, and gulped lot of squashy nibbles…What a slap-up meal!!

A few minutes back, I was revising for I’ve got a test on the module Software Engineering. Best of luck to you ahad. Thanks to me!

Alas, I was unable to post this message on my blog on Eid’s day for I was experiencing a problem with the server.

Well, let me share with you part of my experiments which I named – Post Ramadhan Effect. The research was delved on my pop, my mom, my sista, and me. Our weights (in kg) varied as follows at some stage in the 1st, 10th, 20th, 29th of Ramadhaan:

Names: 1st Ramadhan 10th Ramadhan 20th Ramadhan 29th Ramadhan Effect
Pop 74 70 71 70 -4kg
Mom 63 60 60 60 -3kg
Sista 47 45 46 46 -1kg
Me 57 54 55 52.5 -4.5kg

int counter=0;

out.println("This post has been visited" + counter + "times");


At 7:57 PM, Blogger Almong said...

i thought u forgot about my blog..thanks..

don't be in rush to know somebody who is just knock on your door:P
so im telling you about myself little by little..

email me..

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Almong said...

so funny that u mentioned u know me in the past..kk..
me so pleasure if u thought like that..
nice weekend..ahad..

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