Friday, December 23, 2005


Hi Internet surfers, it’s a real ecstasy for me to sight you.
Youhou……..!!! Those who don't know me......Am:
Muhammad Ahad,
Royal Road,
Saint Pierre,

Well welcome to my official blog!! As you can make out, my blog has ultimately been released.
Special thanks to Rowan… if you wanna be familiar with this character… visit him on or on
As you can spot,,.,, I have changed myself into “starco”, i.e “starco”. Well those who don’t understand what is a “starco”, consult your phrase book and increase your vocabulary!! Hey, you are eruditioning stuff here!!! Oh no!!, the one who wrote the dictionary was not clever enough to understand the word.
What to do now??
Oyé, let everyone has his own definition of “starco”!!

Anything else on my blog??
Wouah, you can get hot chocolates, and if you are cool enough, you may even get cars. Please note that these gifts are on a home delivery basis.Visit my site; it’s hyper interesting. That’s all I can say: my blog is different!!You take care of zilch; let me take care of every bit!!

Watch out bloggers!
You will cross the threshold of a thrilling world, where you might access some really amazing adventures, but it’s harmless…’s only for fun!!!
Enjoy your tour, amiosss!!


At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh site la dresser man,.to kone mem toi, ban backgroud la tou enplace . wawa negro

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy happy new year lol^^
thanks for the email^^


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