Sunday, June 24, 2007

Global Warming

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Presently, there are great deals of debate with reference to global warming. Everyone says ‘global warming’…but in currently in Mauritius it’s winter and I can bet that it’s colder than preceding wintry weathers. Are we sure that it’s global warming…..Shouldn’t it be labelled ‘global cooling’?? Hey….I put forward my hypothesis….when we are transitioning from winter to summer….i’ll term it ‘seasonal warming’, and conversely when we are transitioning from summer to winter…..’seasonal cooling’!!

Every living thing has got its respective role to play in the ecosystem… I think that only one creature is destroying the ecosystem…….it’s we human. I want to make out the role that human being have got to play towards the world ecology.

The use of pesticides, has resulted in malaria and chikungunya……how?
When all these chemical stuffs go into rivers…the population of fishes which feed on mosquito larvae were reduced. As a result the number of mosquito was greater than before and migrated to human settlements.

Ecosystem mechanism
The living section of an ecosystem is best explained in terms of feeding ranks known as trophic levels.
Green vegetation forms the first trophic level and are known as primary producers. Plants are able to convert energy from the sun into food in a process known as photosynthesis.
In the second trophic level, the prime consumers—known as herbivores—are animals and insects that obtain their energy solely by eating the green plants.
The third trophic level consists of the secondary consumers, carnivorous animals that feed on herbivores.
At the fourth level are the tertiary consumers, carnivores that feed on other carnivores. Finally, the fifth trophic level consists of the decomposers, organisms such as fungi and bacteria that break down dead or dying matter into nutrients that can be used again.

Why do we need to develop weapons?......Budget on military expenditure could have been used to help the poor. Why do we need condoms??...If we have safe sex within the norms….there’s no threat of AIDS. Why do we need to build skyscrapers?....Of what use are pyramids to pharaoh??

Let’s make the world into a beautiful, loving, peaceful…. place to live!!


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