Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sexual Offences Bill

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The Sexual Offences Bill is quite an interesting debate. On one side some of the improvements call for appraisals, for instance harder penalty for rapist. However, one focus of the bill - (decriminalizing sodomy if there is consent) - is entertaining much controversy. Personally I stoutly oppose to this suggestion. If we are truly in love with a girl, we’ll not even think of sodomizing her. Sodomy is an act of lust. Sodomy is not a part of love. According to me, if someone desires to sodomize his lover, it can be wrapped up that the person does not feel affection for his spouse….he is using her as a sexual gizmo.

Where does the word sodomy start off?
Sodom and Gomorrah - two ancient cities near the Dead Sea. Lut is referred to as "Lot". This passage is an apparent reference to the activities at Sodom and Gamorah. It seems to imply that there was no homosexual behavior before it first appeared in Sodom.
Some evidence indicates that they did exist, were destroyed, and that their sites now lie under the Dead Sea.

We need to fight AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS was initially known as Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Disease – GRID.
How can we fight HIV while empowering sodomy? Homosexuals will have a greater autonomy. It’s as if a house is on fire. You phone the fire extinguishing services to seek help. When they come, instead of throwing water to snuff out the inferno, they are hurling petrol.
Hey, I remember two famous Mauritian séga – there’s a refrain which goes …zom ar zom, fair sida vin ene bom…
Another refrain on a second séga …si zom trap zom, nou pou fini couma Sodom et gomore…

It’s high time to wake up. We are not equipped with the required resources to treat aids till now……yet, we can take preventive measures…..for sure, aids can be shunned.

Those already contaminated, please don’t give up. It’s not the end of the world. Other people are suffering from other illnesses, there exist more than aids….. There are further fatal diseases, aids in not the only deadly disease. In any case if we are born, we should die one day…….everybody will die…….it’s not that only HIV infected will die and others will live eternally here. Just tread on the right path and you’ll be able to delete the virus.

...............................................................Say no to sodomy!


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