Friday, December 21, 2007

Droughts In Mauritius

Throughout the last months of the year, Mauritius faces a hitch,,,,,,, DROUGHTS. During such stages, the authority concerned is forced to keep an eye on the supply of water. Hey, it’s quite lucid to control the supply of water, but sorry to say, we necessitate water to carry on.

Mauritius is a small island. As such we don’t have large rivers like Nile, Amazon, etc.. Yet, the country have been gifted to survive, we have water in profusion in nearly all our tiny rivers, lakes, etc.. Till now water supply has been proficient to assure the requirements of the 1.2 million populace. There was never a situation as far as I know, where people died due to lack of water. Yeps, one thing worth noting at this point is that water is of high-quality in Mauritius. Water tastes good here.

One thing which needs to show appreciation in Mauritius is that the drought season does not last long. Sooner or later, the country will gain from heavy rainfall and subsequently our reservoirs, dams will be chock-full. Yet, we cannot take heavy rainfall every year for granted. What will happen if one year, the country does not benefit from heavy rainfall??

We should capture every drop and make optimum use of water. At flic-en-flac there is a sort of spring which is at all times filled with water. We really need to capture this water. Such type of sources exists in many places in the island. On mount Pouce, there is a source,, the water there is soooo fresh that you can’t go by it and don’t enliven yourself after getting tired from mountaineering.

Last year, during droughts period, people took to the streets in quite a few parts of the island. Some even blocked the road by setting fire and placing rocks. Please don't repeat such mania for a second time. What will these types of stroke fetch.. will it crack the crisis?? Will it fill up our reservoir?? No!
Whenever there is a problem, we should act in response to resolve the difficulty. If you are hungry, you should gobble something…. But if you are famished, and you choose to go swimming,, the hunger will not lighten,, foodstuff you will still desire…
There is urgent need for someone who is awfully unwell to go to the hospital. That person has no way than to bypass the path which has been blocked. Due to this act, that person can’t get to the sanatorium and consequently breathes his last breath. Who is to blamed for his death?? Just think about it!!
Please please please, no matter what happens, never obstruct a road!!
Don't waste water!!

Hey, there’s one pro of extensive drought… there’s no risk of drowning!


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