Monday, February 04, 2008

Show them the way

Murder, Rape, Theft, Drugs, Prostitutions,,,,, One who commits these bustle was once a baby, completely innocent….. Then, what are the factors that shape a naive into an outlaw? I wonder what it takes for someone to become shady. Back comes to my mind, scores of thoughts.

Lacking in upbringings, peer pressure,,,, amongst many, these may be the grounds of the crisis. Parents play a vital role in shaping a child. Parents have to give their children comfort and support, teaching them life and ethics, watching their behavior and actions, and most importantly, answering their questions with patience and love.

Parents should make it a must to keep an eye on their children. Also parents should know the importance of spending time with their kids. Children have many questions in their urge to discover and learn about life. Parents should be here to answer these questions patiently and give proper explanations of how the world functions,,,, make clear to them about what’s good, what’s bad…etc… .. . Parents should be informed about how to raise a child.

Yet, there are children with no parents, who have proved themselves,, some have become great leaders, others have a success history. Equally, some children despite the fact that they are gifted with parents are offenders.
This goes to show that parent is not the only stakeholder in crafting a child. At school, a new module based on citizenship and morals should be introduced in the curriculum. Also, there should be regular spots whereby repented criminals testify about the costs of being a criminal. Such a spot can have a psychological effect on the viewers.

Much can be done to prevent a child from becoming a criminal if proper attention is given to his upbringing. One query which needs to be underlined at this stage is what can be done to transform present criminals. Even the toughest criminal has got a feeling,, in its core, he want to be appreciated, be loved…. we only need to show him the way.. This can be achieved by a strong psychological assistance… .. .


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