Friday, January 25, 2008

my spam experiment and excerpt

From the time since am using a mailbox, I’ve received thousands of spam messages. To know if spam messages are an effective marketing tool, I opened a new mail account and a new blog space. After that, I collected 7000 active mail addresses to which I sent an email invitation to the new blog. After one month the number of visitors on the new blog was 2489.. it should be noted that, there was no online link to the new blog and equally it had no pager rank,,, thus it did not surface on any search engine post search. Thus, the only way to land on the new blog was through the invitation mail. Statistically speaking, according to my study,, my mail invitation was about 35.6% effective. My mail invitation was not marked as spam… a spam mail would have been less effective in that it may be subject to filters.

Spam is not expensive. Online-marketing firms are falling over themselves to proffer spam campaigns of millions of addresses. Pro Software Pack charges just $125 to send 1 million messages. This amount is very relatively cheaper. When I was conducting my experiment on spam messages, I found out that I was not allowed to exceed sending 500 mails in 24 hours. The ceiling of 500 mail recipient is hold on to help combat spam. Now if you uses only send mail from only one mail address, it’ll take you 2000 days (more than 5 years) to send one million mail. However if you choose to opened 2000 mail account to send all the one million mail, still you won’t be able to do it in a day.. it goes to show that, it’ll be better to outsource the job.

Does spam have a cost?
The cost to businesses doubled between 2005 and 2007 to $100 billion.

Are there anti-spammers?
Yes, but spammers innovations are ahead to those of security agents. How? To avoid filters, at first they interchanged some letters and numbers and broke up words with spaces. When keyword filters got better, spam appeared with additional, unsuspicious text that reduced the percentage of trigger words. Since the added verbiage confused recipients, spammers began sending it as invisible (white on white) text. When security firms employed filters that could detect hidden text, spammers then began placing their messages on Websites and providing links to them. When filters were programmed to hunt for spam by following links, spam e-mail appeared with dozens of link to legitimate Web sites to overwhelm filters….etc…

Is spam harmful?
Spam can be harmful if it is harmful….hahhahaha…. Spam’s most-serious threat is still in spreading viruses. A computer-security firm, says 5% of the 350 million e-mails the company inspects each week carry viruses. Many try and steal data such as banking details. They carry an unquantifiable cost: confidence in the Internet as a “legitimate instrument” is suffering.


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