Monday, February 11, 2008

'legal', not ethical

Divorce, bottle feed, pre-marital sex, adultery, sodomy, …etc .. . These fads are ‘legal’ but not ethical.
Love is almost a wonderful feeling, utterly precious,,, Love is concluded by a wedding ceremony resulting in a hubby and wify….
Why break up? What are the post-effects of divorce? Is annulment good or bad? What causes divorce? What can be done to win the battle over divorce?
Why can’t all become a lawyer? The retort is quite straight forward - because not everyone has got the appropriate credentials for the line of work. The same logic should pertain to marriage. Before marriage, boys and girls should tag on lectures based on how to live in couple, how to take care of family. Also they should be assessed. If they succeed in the module, the probability of a divorce might be relatively lower.
Hey I’ve got an idea how to make divorce inexistent…. If there were an end to marriage ceremony, divorce would no longer exist!! Quite logical huh… Hahahaha… .. .

Another hitch is abortion. The baby is guiltless,, why is it being killed? He can’t even defend himself. You are attacking an unarmed creature…what a low deed. As a parent you should be the protector of your baby,, and yet it’s you who are taking his life. We don’t know how horrible abortion is in that no victim can ever come forward and explain his sufferings. You could have taken all the preventative measures during the act.

Some children are not victim of abortion,, but they are deprived of mom’s milk. Why breast-feed? Breast milk provides an infant with significant protection against chronic diseases such as allergies and asthma; and infectious diseases including meningitis, diarrhea, ear infections, and pneumonia. The immune components of breast milk constantly change to meet the infant’s need to be protected against new infections. Breast-feeding also benefits the mother by reducing her risk of developing ovarian cancer, pre-menopausal breast cancer, osteoporosis, and hip fractures in later life.
Breast-feeding facilitates bonding between a mother and infant that is emotionally satisfying to both participants. The mother develops nurturing behaviors. The infant, in turn, learns trust.
As a parent, you should choose the best for your baby.. Opt for breast-feed, say no to bottle-feed.

Pre-marital sex, adultery, sodomy… are escalating. Is it necessary to have sex to prove your love? Is sex synonymous to love? Why adultery? Why sodomy?
I think the problem is in the way of thinking. Some girls allow their husband to do everything (sodomy and all sorts of fantasy) with their body, only not to lose their partner. The insight of psyche should be changed. If there is true love between couples, there is no place for extreme sex.


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