Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love – is it in danger of extinction?

Many, if not all, are partying valentines today. The queen of flowers, the rose remains the most precious gift despite expensive diamond necklace, etc… My much loved flower is the rose, hmm what a fragrance. When I close my eyes and scent a fresh rose, I don’t know why but I feel peace in my core, it’s something I just can’t explain. If you know why, any scientific explanation, do tell me!!

Love – is it in danger of extinction?
Nowadays, many glimpse only the sex appeal. If someone is sexy then he/she is the right person I can go out with. Girls usually wear sexy clothes exhibiting their body to enthrall interest. The beauty you possess now may not remain with you forever,,, you can be subject to diseases, accidents, etc,,,, beauty is perishable. A boy/girl loving your good looks may in all probability leave you if ever you lose the attractiveness…. what will you do then?
I discern everyone is striking,,, no one is more beautiful than his friend….. Based on this sense, we can love anyone… who among these ‘anyone’ will we choose?
Favor someone who has got more or less the same way of thinking as you. If your perception is more or less the same, then you’ll form a very understanding couple.

Nearly all child start feeling sexual desire at the time of puberty. Long ago, our ancestors were married very young,, thus premarital sex was almost inexistent. But now, the context is poles apart. We can’t get hitched at a young age for we’ve got to study till a very high age.
The law of nature doesn’t revolutionize; the age of puberty is still the same. What happens during the gap between age of puberty and age of marriage? If proper psychological assistance is not given to the child, he/she may engage in premarital sex. Parents, please assume your responsibility.

Premarital sex is very common nowadays. With the concept of globalization and know-how at our disposal, we can take a girl to bed in less than one week. I know about what I am saying, I am not shamming. The upshot of premarital sex may have a depressing effect on the family. How do parents feel when their unwed child becomes the mother/father of a child? Now if after marriage, one feels that he is getting relatively less pleasure from his/her spouse,,,,, this may result in adultery. Now what are the effects on children with adulterated parents?? Just think!!

Please return to love,,, sex is not a proof of love. Know how to fight your desires or learn how to control them. Say yes to love, No to sex.

Happy Valentines Day!!


At 3:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is powerful. It is absolutely true when you say that people nowadays care more about what's outside rather than inside. Some realities of life...

At 10:27 AM, Blogger morinn said...

Rightly said, love has lost its meaning in recent times. Sex is seen as a toy, it is experimented with by people, mostly adolescents who do not fear its consequences. I just hope some people still have some sense in them. ;)

At 10:21 AM, Anonymous lost wanderer said...

hey, this one was nice u know!

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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