Wednesday, August 06, 2008

cell phone

Low price and prepaid services have been the two main agents amongst many to cause a high infiltration of the cellular phone in Mauritius (thanks to people who uses multiple sim cards). Phones are showing up in children’s pockets at earlier ages. Many kids are by now, in tenure of a handset. To be a spotlight for these youngsters, businesses set forward portable phones at squat prices, free sim cards, facility to recharge account with a lesser amount of money, etc,… .. .

A cell phone with all add-ons at hand provides round the clock communication. The mobile phone has indeed crafted our daily and nightly life. We can get in touch with links wherever we are. Mull over the example where students are out till late because of tuition. More often than not, parents are worried when their ward reaches home behind schedule. This fret escalates in wintry weather in that it turns out to be murky somewhat earlier. By getting in touch with their child in such situation, parents are to some extent comforted. The cell phone is an integral part amongst many of us today.

However, in the same way as drug which is to be used for a good purpose has been exploited in a negative way by some people, cell phone also can be utilized adversely.

Cell phones used by kids should allow responsible party to monitor the phone remotely. Parents should be able to track their ward’s cell phone through a GPS function, to block certain numbers, limit text messages, monitor credit, etc,…

This advance in technology would have been a plus point towards a finer use of the portable cell phone.


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