Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's day

Love is somewhat truly outlandish. What is love??
Here’s the definition of love on the “Concise Oxford Dictionary”:-

· n.
1 an intense feeling of deep affection. Ø a deep romantic attachment to someone.. Ø affectionate greetings. <<<

Is the 14th of February really an almanac lovers??
Brood over it!
Let’s talk about Titanic.!. What a love myth!!!!
“ – You must promise me that you won’t give up no matter what happens. Promise me now Rose.
- I promise.
- And never let go that promise.
- I will never let it go Jack”

These are the last dialogue flanked by Jack and Rose.
Yes, “Titanic” - one amid the great love legend, did not portrait valentine's day!!
You, may notify me that they met, fell in love, and the tragedy turn out in the ship, and all the chronicle was outside the month of February. You may yet tell me that on valentines day roses are given and in Titanic the artist name was Rose, and Rose was offered to Jack. Normally, in actual life, the rose get withered and expire, but in Titanic,, Jack defuncted while Rose was saved.
Ok, I agree with you,, but what about the “Taj Mahal”, “Paul et Virginie”, Roméo et Julliet, Devdas, Shakespeare love account, … .. .???

For factual lovers, each jiffy is valentines day. On their agenda, there is only one date ‘14th’ and only one month ‘February’ – They are calendarly limited to 14th February. Their heart beat for one another. Love cannot be compared to drugs, for the reason that drug addicts may come out of this torture, but a true lover will never be able to leave his honeybee. Based on this inspiration,,, your life partner should be like AIDS,,,.,,,hahahaha……AIDS is that chum which will never leave you, even you happen to be the ugliest creature. What do ya do, when you fall?? You try to get up!! If you happen to fall in love, no mater how hard you try, it’s really knotty to get up!!

Never betray yourself in love.
See heart, Don’t see face.
Face is the monster.
Heart is the nature.
Win face, win hell.
Win heart, win love.!.

Beware: Every Rose has its thorn!!!

Ahad loves you all!!
Happy valentines day!!