Sunday, November 19, 2006

InfoTech 2006

Yesterday, I stirred up untimely, along with following my every day regulars, I headed to uni. After attending the instruct of operations management, my chum and I flee the module VB.Net to set off to the 13th edition of INFOTECH, the foremost yearly information and communication Technology (ICT) event in Mauritius, from 16 to 19 November 2006 at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre, Pailles. This InfoTech was held by the National Computer Board.

We set out to Rose-Hill to catch the bus which will carry us to the InfoTech. Subsequent to some tick, we were on the spot.
Scores of folks were incoming and outgoing. The aim of InfoTech 2006 is to prop up the widespread diffusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Mauritius and to increase awareness on emerging technologies.

I was rapt by the most up-to-date technologies which exist in 2006, for example the Virtual Reality Space is somewhat really hard for me to comprehend the insight mechanism and coding. This attests the soaring brainpower of people. I’m looking presumptuous to how the world will look like in 10,000 years, if it exists by that point in time??
Have man thought about an extra know-how which will make the ICT world obsolete??

Well, let’s be back to InfoTech… I was admiring the technology when, out of the blue my pal’s notice was caught by one of our uni lecturer. The latter was representing Software Concepts Ltd. He offered us a striking pen along with a demo version of Sage Pastel 2007. THANKS SIR!!!

We headed to Oracle. I have to submit an oracle assignment by this Thursday. I had a few talk with the Oracle rep. They were from Oracle-Dubai. We were presented an Oracle magazine, Oracle notepad, and a Poster. THANKS!!

Alas, I was unable to pact with Microsoft. At times, I feel that Microsoft is from Mauritius in view of the fact that Microsoft colours resemble the colours of the Mauritian flag.

My psyche:
Mauritius is facing an energy crisis. We actually need to save energy, but one of the focal wastage of electrical power is providing street lighting. I’d like to effort on a venture, where it’ll be doable to control the luminosity. What I have it in mind to shout here, is that in various cases, this street light is used by nonentity, then why provide it?? How to supply street lighting in a most select line of attack?? The solution is to bring IT into the field. The future pioneering street lighting ought to be equipped with a sensor and hardly any hardware. The picture of the new system is that the light will be on automatically only when the system detects the presence of human.

For Mauritius to develop into a Cyber island, the authority concerned must put up a High-Tech lab multifaceted. Those working in the lab are to engage into research in the IT world, we can build up a new programming language. If other people can do it, then why not us???